As in the previous editions, this biennial intensive symposium will be focus in detail on state-of-the-art primary and secondary open rhinoplasty techniques, with due emphasis on aesthetics and function, in a highly practical format. With plentiful lectures, videos and panels on sequential topics, the Faculty will share with you “what really works and what doesn’t”, without hype nor spin, thus producing the maximal educational benefit. Aimed to all physicians performing nasal surgery from different specialties, the Course will cover the basics for the beginner, as well as a wide spectrum of refinements and tricks for the proficient rhinoplasty surgeon. To allow all to draw benefit, notwithstanding the level of experience, and to avoid repetition for those who have attended previous editions, the morning agenda will give attendees the option between advanced masterclasses and more conventional topics. Live surgery will also once again be a highlight, due to its stimulating educational benefit and direct interaction between audience and surgeon, providing a view of technical pearls and fine details of real life surgery which cannot be equalled by videos only. Last but not least, for the first time, the Course will be preceded by a pre-course day, for which two different options are planned:
  • The first option, held in the same venue in Bergamo, is the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe annual meeting, in an innovative video-symposium and member presentations format.
  • The second option is a cadaver head tutored rhinoplasty day (two participants per head) held in the prestigious San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, under the direction of Mario Bussi.
Such options can be combined or not, as desired, to the main Course, with accordingly different participation fees. Following a progressive crescendo in format and international attendance, the Third Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course counted 240 participants from 40 different countries. We will do our very best and spare no effort to offer you an even better, though equally intensive, learning experience in March 2014!! robotti   Enrico Robotti Chair   mazzola   Riccardo Mazzola Co-chair