Fifth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

My Evolution in Secondary Rhinoplasty

19 Mar 2016
08:45 - 09:45

My Evolution in Secondary Rhinoplasty


A – Introductory
B – Comprehensive
C – Advanced


  • An easy way to harvest of rib cartilage
  • Harvesting of rectus abdominis fascia for DC-F grafting
  • Preparing grafts from the rib cartilage
  • Septum reconstruction using rib cartilage
  • Reconstruction of nasal tip tripod
  • Preparation of DC-F grafts for dorsum augmentation
  • DC-F grafting for dorsal augmentation
  • Elongation of short nose


  • Evaluation of secondary rhinoplasty patient
  • How to achieve a functional nose in a secondary rhinoplasty, reconstruction of stable nasal septum and nasal valves
  • Indications of tip cartilage grafting
  • Learning of the methods to reconstruct a stable nasal tripod
  • Important tips and tricks for dorsum augmentation using DC-F grafts
  • How to elongate an overshortened nose