Fifth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

Nasal Tip Surgery

17 Mar 2016
07:00 - 08:00

Nasal Tip Surgery


A – Introductory B – Comprehensive C – Advanced


This masterclass will cover all aspects related to nasal tip surgery including variations in tip anatomy, tip support mechanisms, aesthetic analysis of nasal tip, nomenclature and classifications of tip deformities, dynamics of nasal tip surgery, surgical approaches to the nasal tip, suturing techniques in tip remodeling, nasal tip grafting techniques, and revision tip surgery.


Upon completion of the masterclass, the attendees should
  1. have a comprehensive understanding of nasal tip analysis and dynamics of tip surgery
  2. learn the effects of different suturing techniques on the degree of tip projection and rotation.
  3. learn how to manage the droopy tip, overprojected tip, overrotated tip, and the underprojected tip.
  4. learn how to avoid and how to repair complications of tip asymmetries, pollybeak deformity, loss of tip support, supraalar pinching, alar notching and collapse.
  5. learn the indications and limitations of tip grafting in revision tip surgery.