Fifth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

Septal Surgery – the Key to a Successful Rhinoplasty

19 Mar 2016
07:45 - 08:45

Septal Surgery – the Key to a Successful Rhinoplasty


A – Introductory
B – Comprehensive
C – Advanced


The septum is the key element of the nasal framework but its importance is often neglected. The septoplasty is presumed to be a beginners operation which demonstrates clearly the underestimation of this procedure.

During this course known and new techniques of septal corrections and their different indications are shown. This explains a new algorithm of septal surgery.

Specifically modifications and improvements of refixation of the replanted neoseptum in extracorporeal septal reconstruction, the modified extracorporeal septal reconstruction, the septal extension graft for stabilizing the deformed or weak anterior septum, the use of rib grafts for septal reconstruction and long term results of septal reconstruction are shown as well as complications and how to handle them.


The attendents should become aware of the different septal deformities focusing on the classification of Bahman Guyuron. Basing on that classification they should be able to create appropriate surgical concepts, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these techniques, beeing able to realize complications and know the way to treat them.