Seventh Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

How to Overcome the Inherent Anatomical Traps of Tip Surgery

15 Mar 2018
08:00 - 09:00

How to Overcome the Inherent Anatomical Traps of Tip Surgery


B – Comprehensive


Dr. Constantian mentiones the anatomical difficulties of nasal tip surgery to consist of cephalic rotation of lateral crus of lower lateral cartilages and underprojection. The author’s experience shows that in addition to these factors, the challenging tip deformity patients also present with a long intermediate crus, sharper angles at the middle-intermediate crus junction and footplate divergence. These factors are usually present together in individuals from the Middle East and skin cover might also be thicker to camouflage the deformity complex.
The author is going to explain the surface landmarks of the deformity and surgical maneuvers to overcome the deformity complex to shape the lower lateral cartilages.


  • How to diagnose the cartilage deformities with the help of the surface landmarks.
  • Surgical dissection principles.
  • Surgical techniques to overcome the anatomical variants of the lower lateral cartilages.
  • Reconstructing an aesthetically pleasing nasal tip shape.
  • Appropriately dealing with the skin cover.