Seventh Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

Revision Rhinoplasty

16 Mar 2018
11:00 - 12:00

Revision Rhinoplasty


B – Comprehensive


Revision rhinoplasty presents the ultimate challenge for any rhinoplastic surgeon as he has to deal with distorted anatomy from previous over-resection and excessive scarring, complex functional and aesthetic deformities, and a soft-tissue envelope which is excessively fibrosed, less contractile, and with poor vascularity. Apart from the technical problems encountered, these patients usually suffer from psychological implications of their repeated failed procedures, which makes their postoperative satisfaction even less likely. The course will deal with the approach to the revision rhinoplasty patient, the commonest problems encountered, the techniques to repair and restore aesthetics and function and to avoid complications when dealing with revision cases.


  • Understand the psychological and legal implications of dealing successfully with the revision rhinoplasty patient.
  • Learn how to avoid and how to repair the complications of tip asymmetries, loss of tip support, dorsal saddling, pollybeak deformity, dorsal irregularities, internal valve collapse, alar notching and collapse
  • Learn how different grafts and implants can be safely used in revision cases.