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Olivier Gerbault

Iím a plastic surgeon involved in rhinoplasty and nose reconstructive surgery since nearly ten years. I did my plastic surgery residency in Paris where I also worked during 1 year in a ENT- cervicofacial surgery dept. and 1 year in a maxillofacial dept. I was chief resident in plastic surgery at St Louis Hospital in Paris. I met Gilbert Aiach in 1997 and he inoculated me the rhino virus for which I didnít find any vaccine. I consultated several physicians to find a cure, especially Dr Rollin Daniel, who only increased my symptoms. In desperation, I began a private practice in 2000 and became associate with Dr Gilbert Aiach in Paris since 2008. This rhino disease did progressively alter my mental health and my binocular vision, as it made more and more defaults to become obvious for me in my patients, although I was telling them I was becoming more experienced. My last psychoanalysis helped me to forget about any kind of perfection and pushed me to work on different camouflage methods to prevent defects before (Öand after) suturing the skin.
I wrote several articles on rhinoplasty, especially on cartilaginous sutures and on the composite graft called DC-F. Iím the co-author of the reference french book on rhinoplasty with G. Aiach published in 2008: Rhinoplastie Ė voie díabord externe, and also of the chapter on secondary rhinoplasty in the 3 set book: The art of aesthetic surgery, edited by F Nahai and published in 2010 (2nd ed).

Iím member of the two French societies of plastic and aesthetic surgery (SOFCPRE & SOFCEP) and member of the ISAPS. Iím also the scientific secretary for surgery of the IMCAS meetings, gathering every year plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons and dermatologists involved in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

My offices are situated in Vincennes and in Paris. My mail is: and my web site is:

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