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Frédéric Braccini

Doctor Frederic Braccini is an active Facial Plastic Surgeon of ENT training, and practices in Nice, France (ENT&FPS Institute).

He is an international expert in aesthetic surgery as well as aesthetic medicine, and organizer of international meetings in Facial Aesthetic Surgery, such as the yearly F.A.C.E course

He is secretary of communication of the French Society of Facial Plastic Surgery, Président d’Honneur of the “Association Méditerranéenne de Médecine Esthétique”, European Delegate of the European Organisation of Scientific Anti-Aging Medicine (EUROSCIA), and member of the executive board of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.

He published many scientific studies and books on facial plastic surgery, one being “Medical Rhinoplasty” in 2010. In fact, one of his specific interests is the topic of “medical” rhinoplasty, i.e. correction of selective nasal defects by the use of fillers and botulinum toxin.

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