Sixth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

■ Finesse in Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

17 Mar 2018
10:00 - 11:00

■ Finesse in Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty


B – Comprehensive


A thorough discussion of analysis, concepts, and technical execution to treat all Middle Eastern nasal types will be completed.The comprehensive lecture will illustrate how to analyze and treat skin and soft tissues of all types. After soft tissue, discussion will focus on bony morphology and variations in techniques as well as preservation of vital anatomical components. Cartilage frame in the mid vault and tip complex will be thoroughly broken down into all their components. The entire spectrum of spreader grafts, flaps, as well as lower lateral crural struts, relocation and/or transection will be applied to numerous Middle Eastern nose presentations. Techniques in tip contouring with suturing and safe grafting will be expanded on. Lastly overall management pre and post-operatively as well as some helpful tips on marketing through social media will be discussed.


  • Know how to effectively perform a pre-operative analysis on Middle Eastern noses of all types.
  • Understanding how to apply pre-operative analysis to surgical plan.
  • Comprehensively grasping concepts in intra-operative dynamic changes, and treatments according to changing nasal anatomy.
  • Techniques in all aspects of skin/soft tissue, bony anatomy, mid vault, tip complex, and alar base will be outlined and expanded on in detail.
  • Pre and post-operative management of this challenging patient population.
  • Critical “work-horse” techniques along with advanced techniques such as lower lateral crural transection and relocation will be demonstrated.