Seventh Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

Managing the Radix in Rhinoplasty

26 Mar 2022
08:00 - 09:00

Managing the Radix in Rhinoplasty


B – Comprehensive


Establishing a healthy concept about proper nasal dorsal height and length is a common problem among beginners. This presentation is mainly about comprehensive facial skeleton and soft tissue analysis to help in the decision making process before and sometimes during surgery. The anatomical details of the structures of NFA is discussed and surgical manipulation of the region is explained with patient examples.
The author prefers high nasal dorsum in his rhinoplasty patients. This mandates the use of a high percentage of radix grafting in his private practice. The high radix, though less frequent in the author’s routine, presents further technical and conceptual challenges and dealt with the use of Power Burr.
The presentation also includes examples of the use of fat grafting of the upper and lower facial structures to help achieve the facial harmony.


  • Decision making process in individual nasal beauty perception
  • Learn essential facial analysis for nasal dorsum surgery
  • Significance of frontal bone anatomy and frontal bar
  • Understanding the close relationship of the orbital anatomy and the nasal dorsal height
  • Evaluation of the chin prominence and shape
  • Importance of naso-frontal angle
  • Evaluation of nasal length