Seventh Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course

Management of Complications in Rhinoplasty

26 Mar 2022
08:00 - 09:00

Management of Complications in Rhinoplasty


A – Introductory


Every rhinoplasty, even trifles bear the risk of complications and each surgeon has be prepared to tackle these problems at every stage of the procedure. The lecture will focus on minor complications such as local bleeding, minor aesthetic and functional problems up to the greatest challenges in rhinoplasty surgery such as skull base injury, pneumothorax when rib harvesting, dissatisfying aesthetic result after several operations and psychiatric disturbances. Based on case presentations a variety of practical hints and tricks are given including touch up surgery under sedation, nasal valve-lift with threads, treatment of thick skin patients and the careful use of filler materials and botulinum toxin to camouflage minor irregularities. The explanations are rounded off by recommendations for a comprehensive informed consent, a proper analysis of nasal deformities and by important legal aspects.


  • Handling of complications at every stage of rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Based on clinical cases presentation of practical hints and tricks to achieve best aesthetical and functional results.
  • Recommendation for comprehensive informed consent and discussion of medicolegal aspects.