Fifth Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course


Over the last years, the biennial Bergamo Open Rhinoplasty Course has progressively grown in format and reputation so as to become an established major symposium widely recognized worldwide. This we owe to the enthusiastic support of our attendees, who converged from 52 different countries in our last 2014 edition, and to all the fantastic work our faculty of internationally acknowledged masters has done towards providing the best possible teaching and education opportunities.

In the quest of continuous improvement without leaving the well-established  winning track of a well structured, systematic and progressive program, we have introduced some significant innovations for the 2016 Vth edition.

As previously, the symposium will keep its highly intensive format, focusing in detail on the state-of-the-art primary and secondary open rhinoplasty techniques, with due emphasis on function as well as aesthetics, in the best possible practical education format. For clarity of purpose, the object of the course will remain exclusively the open approach.   Plentiful lectures, videos and panels will  provide progressive education on sequential topics, with the largest international faculty assembled so far sharing with you “what really works and what doesn’t” as well as their personal pearls and finesse points: just facts, without hype nor spin.

Aimed to physicians performing nasal surgery from multiple specialties, and gathering a multidisciplinary faculty to provide the best possible multifaceted teaching,  the course can be tailored to one’s needs, covering the basics for the beginner as well as the specifics and in-depth refinements for the proficient rhinoplasty surgeon.   It is a fact  that  significant novelties which are now occurring in rhinoplasty merit due attention such as, for instance, incremental, precise surgery of the dorsum and new instrumentation.  Numerous advanced masterclasses, will cover such and other subjects in detail and will be held each morning in a separate room, so as to allow attendees the choice between advanced topics and more conventional teaching. Due to the well-proven benefit of audiovisual education, a strong accent will be placed on videos, author-commented videos, video panels and specific “focus on techniques” videoclip sessions.  Workshops will also be held on new specific technology.

Notwithstanding the difficulties that live surgery may carry, we kept in mind what the majority of attendees stated in the evaluation forms, and in fact, we expanded the live surgery portion to two full days.  Indeed, the educational benefit and direct interaction between audience and surgeon which live cases provide is a unique source of technical pearls and fine details of real life situations which cannot be substituted  by pre-edited videos.

Please finally  note that the full five days customizable agenda can be split, to your convenience, into two separate segments if desired. To those you can also add the optional cadaver dissection final day in Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital.

Easy logistics, convenient travel and Italian  hospitality will complete the picture.

Whether you have previously attended Bergamo, or never been there so far, we promise to do our very best to provide you The Best Ever Course, better than ever before!!

Enrico Robotti
Riccardo Mazzola