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Here below we provide a list of useful links related to the COVID regulations.

We recommend to read the rules carefully before arranging your travel and hotel bookings.
During your stay in Italy it is currently mandatory to wear masks everywhere indoor.  Outdoor, masks are requested in case of gatherings.


Answer a few questions to find out if you may be allowed to enter Italy:


Starting from 1st March the entrance to Italy is allowed upon providing the following documents and in absence of Covid-19 symptoms:

1.Digital Passenger Form o dPLF (, either in digital or paper printed version

2.One of the following certificates (in english, either in digital or paper printed version)

a. Full vaccination with an EMA authorized vaccine, made not before 9 months (EU Green pass or Vaccination certificate released by the local authorities)
b. Full vaccination with an EMA authorized vaccine, and booster dose (EU Green pass or Vaccination certificate released by the local authorities)
c. Certificate after Covid-19 recovery, released not before 6 months (EU Green pass or certificate stating recovery from Covid, release by the local authorities)
d. Negative molecular test valid for 72 hours or antigenic test valid for 48 hours before the entrance to Italy.

In the absence of one of any certifications listed from a) to d) the entrance to Italy will be only allowed upon a mandatory quarantine of 5 days, with the obligation of a swab test at the end of the quarantine.


From 10th January 2022, the access to the following services/venues is allowed only upon providing the European Super Green Pass (issued after a double vaccination with Pfizer/Moderna/Astrazeneca/Novavax or Johnson & Johnson) or the equivalent certificate issue to non-European citizens, stating that they have completed the prescribed anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination cycle  or  have recovered from COVID-19 (the certificate of recovery is valid for 180 days from the date of the first positive swab).

Accessible venues with Super Green Pass:

    • Fairs or Congress Centers
    • Hotels
    • Bars and restaurants
    • Public and private transportation (trains, local buses, private car transfers, car rentals)

Specific and more information can be provided on request by the organizing secretariat.


From 5th February, to those who come from a foreign State and are in possession of a certificate of recovery or vaccination with a vaccine authorized or recognized as equivalent in Italy, in the event that more than six months have elapsed since the completion of the vaccination cycle or recovery, access is allowed to services and activities for which the Super Green Pass is provided after carrying out a rapid antigen test (valid for 48 hours) or molecular (valid for 72 hours). This also applies to those who have carried out vaccinations with vaccines not authorized or not recognized as equivalent in Italy, always after carrying out a swab (antigen valid for 48 hours or molecular valid for 72 hours).



People who need a COVID-19 test when they arrive or depart: